International Fugitive Recovery Investigation

The world will never be too big

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International Fugitive Recovery Investigation is a highly trained company for the search and location of fugitives worldwide, that under section 1305 F and G of the Penal Code of the State of California, we collect clues and evidence that the law requires to exonerate them from all liability in the payment of their bonds.

International Fugitive Recovery Investigation is a company with a lot of experience in the location of fugitives worldwide, in addition to having extensive experience in the field of private business investigations, we have highly qualified staff to give prompt response to the case that comes our way.

we have the collaboration in the State of California of the companies ALADDIN BAIL BOND, TWO JINN INC. and CALIFORNIA SURETY INVESTIGATIONS.

in addition to having our main ally International Investigation & Consulting with headquarters in Italy.

We have offices in Europe, Brazil and our headquarters in El Salvador to provide you with an immediate response.


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