International Fugitive Recovery Investigation

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Executive Directors.


Dr. Gaetano Páscale.

Private Investigator License: NR. 17856

Extended by the Police based in Rome, Italy.

Commissioner of Special Forces of the State Police, Italy, officer currently in retreat.

Professor in the Department of Forensic Psychology at Alliant International University - Fresno, California, USA.

Director of the Department of Criminology of the Swiss School of Management c / o Washington University of Rome.

Highly decorated officer.

Director of International Investigation & Consulting, Rome, Italy.

More than 10 years of experience in the search and location of fugitives worldwide.


Lic. Mtrs. Williams Gómez Valladares.

Private Investigator License: No. R-0079-07-2018

Extended by the General Directorate of the National Civil Police, El Salvador.

Lawyer and Master in Advanced Techniques of Criminal Investigation.

Title to merit as a Criminal Investigator granted by the Swiss School of Management of Rome.

Professor of Criminology at the University Panamericana, El Salvador.

More than 7 years of experience in the search and location of Fugitives worldwide.


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